Creativity and Innovation are the key drivers of organizational success. Change is the inevitable result of this creative and innovative process.

Let’s ponder on this:

An 200-105 dumps invitation to 300-115 study guide dinner was 200-105 dumps soon afterwards dispatched; and already had Mrs. Bennet planned 300-206 senss book the 200-105 dumps courses that were to do credit to her housekeeping, when 70-534 answer analysis 70-534 answer analysis an answer arrived which 200-105 dumps deferred it all. Mr. Bingley was obliged to be in town 210-260 practice material the following day, and, consequently, unable 200-105 dumps to accept the honour of their invitation, 300-115 study guide etc. Mrs. Bennet was quite disconcerted. She 300-115 study guide could not imagine 210-260 practice material what business he could have in town 300-115 study guide so soon after his 200-105 dumps arrival in Hertfordshire; and she 300-115 study guide began to fear that he 200-105 dumps might be always flying about from 70-534 answer analysis one 300-206 senss book 70-534 answer analysis place to 300-115 study guide another, 300-115 study guide 70-534 answer analysis 200-105 dumps and never 210-260 practice material settled at Netherfield as he ought to be. 70-534 answer analysis Lady Lucas 200-105 dumps quieted her 300-206 senss book fears a little by 300-206 senss book 210-260 practice material 70-534 answer analysis starting the idea of his being gone to London only to get a large party 210-260 practice material for the ball; and a report soon followed that 300-115 study guide Mr. Bingley was to bring twelve ladies and seven gentlemen with him to the 300-206 senss book assembly. The girls grieved over such a number of ladies, but were comforted the 70-534 answer analysis day before the ball 210-260 practice material by 300-206 senss book hearing, 210-260 practice material that instead of 70-534 answer analysis twelve he brought only six 300-206 senss book with him from London—his five sisters and a 200-105 dumps cousin. And when the party 300-115 study guide entered 300-206 senss book the 300-115 study guide assembly room it consisted of only five altogether—Mr. 300-206 senss book Bingley, his 70-534 answer analysis two sisters, the husband of the eldest, and another young 200-105 dumps man.

Elizabeth listened in silence, but was not 210-260 practice material convinced; their behaviour at the assembly 200-105 dumps 70-534 answer analysis had 200-105 dumps not been calculated to please in general; and with more quickness of observation and 70-534 answer analysis less pliancy of temper than her sister, 70-534 answer analysis and with a judgement 300-115 study guide too 300-206 senss book unassailed by any attention 70-534 answer analysis 210-260 practice material to 300-115 study guide herself, she was very little disposed to approve them. They were in fact 210-260 practice material 70-534 answer analysis very 200-105 dumps 200-105 dumps fine ladies; 300-206 senss book not deficient in good humour when they were pleased, nor in the power of making themselves agreeable when they chose 300-115 study guide it, 210-260 practice material 200-105 dumps 300-206 senss book 300-206 senss book 70-534 answer analysis but proud and conceited. 300-115 study guide They were rather handsome, had been educated in one of the first private seminaries in town, had 210-260 practice material a 210-260 practice material fortune of twenty 300-206 senss book thousand pounds, were in the habit of spending 300-206 senss book more than they ought, and 300-206 senss book of associating with people of rank, and were 210-260 practice material therefore in every respect entitled to think well of themselves, and meanly of 300-115 study guide others. 300-115 study guide They were of a respectable family in the north of England; 210-260 practice material a circumstance more deeply impressed 210-260 practice material on their memories than that their brother’s fortune and their own had been acquired by trade.

“When Apple created iTunes it didn’t just create a faster, cheaper, better digital format for music, it altered the very nature of the relationship between music and people. eBay did not just create a platform for auctions, it changed the way we look at the experience of shopping and how community plays a role in the experience”. (Thomas Kouropoulos 2012)


How is Innovation Changing Us?

Incremental InnovationIt utilizes your existing technology and increases value to the customer (features, design changes, etc.) within your existing market.  Almost all companies engage in incremental innovation in one form or another.

Architectural InnovationIt is simply taking the lessons, skills and overall technology and applying them within a different market.   This innovation is amazing at increasing new customers as long as the new market is receptive.

Radical innovation – It is about new technologies replace old existing technology. i.e., Fax machines replacing telex machines. Email replacing fax machines. Radical innovations are for the most part new inventions that can be market disruptive.

Disruptive Innovation – Disruptive innovation, also known as stealth innovation, involves applying new technology or processes to your company’s current market.   It is stealthy in nature since newer tech will often be inferior to existing market technology.


What does it mean to game-change?

Game-changing innovation transforms markets and even society. These innovations have a radical impact on how humans act, think and feel in some way. Innovations that reach this level are always able to define a new category and fulfil an essential unmet wish or need consumers to have.


The Relationship Between Creativity & Innovation

Ponder on this…



Meaning Creativity is an act of creating new ideas, imaginations and possibilities. Innovation is the introduction of something new and effective in the market.
Process Imaginative Productive
Quantifiable No Yes
Related to Thinking something new Introducing something new
Money Consumption No Yes
Risk No Yes

Key Differences between Creativity and Innovation

The following are the major differences between Creativity and Innovation:

  1. The quality of thinking new ideas and putting them into reality is creativity. The act of executing the creative ideas into practice is innovation.
  2. Creativity is an imaginative process as opposed to innovation is a productive process.
  3. Creativity can never be measured, but Innovation can be measured.
  4. Creativity is related to the generation of ideas which are new and unique. Conversely, Innovation is related to introduce something better into the market.
  5. Creativity does not require money. On the other hand, innovation requires money.
  6. There is no risk involved in creativity, whereas the risk is always attached to innovation.




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