An Application used to manage Employee Performance review and Appraisals.


  • User role/ privileged management
  • Employee data management
  • Department / Unit Management Office location management
  • Appraisal form set up
  • Appraisal period set up
  • Assessment Escalation flow management (by Group & by individual)
  • Promotion Management
  • Automatic eligibility filtering
  • Promotion examination score upload
  • Promotion Finalization
  • Job schedule upload (by group & by individual)
  • Employee Trainings settings Appraisals reports and Analytics Promotion reports and Analytics

Value Proposition

  • Provides a medium to fetch an up-to-date employee information
  • Eliminates the influence of double standards, favoritism and Godfatherism on employee performance review
  • It aids objectivity in Employee Appraisals, Promotions and reward system
  • Provides a well-organized platform in performing appraisals across a high number of employees
  • Provides a common platform for dispersed Organization units and staff to communicate as regards performance management Simplifies the process of defining reporting lines

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