Cast-a-vote is your trusted solution for secure electronic voting and elections. Cast-a-vote is built to perform as a complex, high security electronic voting solution that takes your election worries away.

Cast-a-vote is an integrated and interactive polling software, it manages your election with an easy to use dashboard and fantastic 24/7 support.

Cast-a-vote functionalities enables it to be used by: Sports Teams/Leagues, Associations and Institutes, Cooperatives, Chambers of Commerce, Church or Religious Group, Credit Unions, Companies or Partnerships, Other (Group or Personal Use).

Cast-a-vote is a trusted provider of secure digital voting solutions for membership organizations, clubs, and businesses. From single situations to fully managed elections, Cast-a-vote gives organizations the resources they need to conduct better voting experience and elect their leaders with confidence.


  • Voter’s Upload Module
  • Vote Scheduling
  • User management
  • Bulk Email Setup
  • Email Delivery Report
  • Sub-admin Access
  • Voter’s Login
  • Voter’s notification
  • Candidate profile
  • Vote Reviews
  • Voting Options
  • Session Timeouts
  • Password Reset
  • Voting Code

Value Proposition

  • Choose how involved you want to be. Self-administer your vote or let us manage the voting experience.
  • Never again worry about people voting twice or other forms of vote manipulation. Get results instantly. Dive deeper into vote statistics.

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