A vending platform used for account funding or payments. Payments/vending channels include pin vending, Scratch cards vending, VTU vending etc Solutions are engineered to suit business needs of different collection companies. (e.g electricity bill settlement/ units purchase)


  • User Management
  • Card Activation
  • Post Paid Reversal Module
  • Business Unit Analysis
  • Card Usage Analysis
  • Payment Reporting
  • Response Analysis
  • Revenue Reporting
  • Bills Payment Module/ Token Vending
  • Dealer / Sub-dealer workflow management
  • Approval workflow management
  • E-receipt printing
  • Dealer / Sub-dealer crediting and verification

Value Proposition

  • It provides safe, convenient, cost effective and flexible payment alternative to customers
  • It provides an accurate basis for easy reconciliation and reduces loss of funds
  • Improves operational efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Timely remittance on all collections made by collection partners

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