A robust application used for the management of assessment items. It covers the processes involved from item authoring to Item performance analysis.


  • Item Authoring
  • Item Upload
  • User-friendly WYSIWYG Item Authoring Editor
  • Item Versioning
  • Extensive Metadata and Statistics fields
  • Configurable workflow management and item status management
  • Change tracking and Item history
  • Item Preview (Mini CBT)
  • Advanced Search Engine
  • API integration module (Extensible)
  • Item Storage Module
  • Item & Test Analysis
  • CBT Integration
  • Approval Workflow Management
  • Reporting

Value Proposition

  • A Controlled process of item creation and usage
  • The database is more organized and can be easily queried compared to the conventional method of archiving assessment items as files.
  • Ability to monitor the performance of items over a period of time
  • It offers a more objective method of preparing assessment packages
  • History of an item can be easily accessed via simple report generation.

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