An application used for the management of procurement processes of an organization


  • Job Management
  • Vendor Approval Workflow
  • Report Management – Job Award – Job posting – Metrics – Registered Vendors – Vendor Registration
  • Low Budget Invoicing
  • Bid Analysis / Job Award
  • Quotes Revision
  • Posting New Job
  • Job Listing
  • Job Categorization
  • Notification Custom Templating
  • Document Management
  • Department Management
  • Job Category Management
  • System Option Management
  • Approval Workflow Definition
  • Invoicing

Value Proposition

  • The procurement team will have a better opportunity to obtain the best value for money due to competition among vendors.
  • It enforces objectivity in vendor sourcing, negotiations and performance review
  • A 360 degree view of the procurement activities
  • It ensures that procurement activities follows the operational standards of the organization via the implementation of approval levels and work flows
  • Easy access to historic information enhances quick decision-making
  • Equal chances are given o job seekers

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