Votiva is your trusted solution for secure electronic voting and elections. Votiva is built to perform as a complex, high security electronic voting solution that takes your election worries away.

Votiva is an integrated and interactive polling software, it manages your election with an easy to use dashboard and fantastic 24/7 support.

Votiva functionalities enables it to be used by: Sports Teams/Leagues, Associations and Institutes, Cooperatives, Chambers of Commerce, Church or Religious Group, Credit Unions, Companies or Partnerships, Other (Group or Personal Use).

Votiva is a trusted provider of secure digital voting solutions for membership organizations, clubs, and businesses. From single situations to fully managed elections, Votiva gives organizations the resources they need to conduct better voting experience and elect their leaders with confidence.


  • Voter’s Upload Module
  • Vote Scheduling
  • User management
  • Bulk Email Setup
  • Email Delivery Report
  • Sub-admin Access
  • Voter’s Login
  • Voter’s notification
  • Candidate profile
  • Vote Reviews
  • Voting Options
  • Session Timeouts
  • Password Reset
  • Voting Code

Value Proposition

  • Choose how involved you want to be. Self-administer your vote or let us manage the voting experience.
  • Never again worry about people voting twice or other forms of vote manipulation. Get results instantly. Dive deeper into vote statistics.

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