WeApprove is a nerve centre for all memo management and approval workflow process in a modern workplace. WeApprove helps manage staff users while empowering them with roles to serve any unique function from Requestors to Reviewers and Approvers from any location especially when working remotely or virtually.

WeApprove enhances visibility in organizational processes, creates better security and compliance adherence, it streamline mundane processes, save valuable time and reduce process blockages.

WeApprove is ultimately a Memo Management System that automates your collection, validation and approval of departmental memos and budgets.


  • Create organizational budgets easily. Create fiscal year budgets.
  • Manage your memos and budgets through an intuitive dashboard.
  • Set datelines for when your memos and budgets are to be approved.
  • Create Financial and Non-Financial Memos. Supports approval workflow and also keeps track.

Value Proposition

  • Access-based system
  • Authorization hierarchy
  • Digitize notice/memo verification process
  • Flexible and customizable system
  • Reduce paper usage
  • Reduced processing time, cost and human errors.
  • Flexible system to use on any device – smartphone, tablet, kiosk, laptop

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